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Health & Wellness

EntirelyPets is committed to helping our customers take the best possible care of their four-legged friends. Our pet health and wellness department features pet first aid supplies, medical test kits, allergy remedies, e-collars, vaccines, dewormers and other general care supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy. Whether you need safe yet effective pet pain medicine or want to test your pet for common diseases and viruses, EntirelyPets has the health and wellness supplies you're looking for. These veterinarian-recommended products from EntirelyPets often typically much less than they would be if administered through your vet's office.

If you've got a pet with allergies, make sure to browse our complete selection of allergy aids. This variety includes all-natural and holistic allergy supplements for dogs and cats as well as pet-friendly antihistamine tablets that you can use to give your pet temporary relief from itching skin, sneezing, itchy eyes and other common allergy symptoms. You can easily administer supplements and medication with products from our huge selection of medication administration supplies. To avoid turning allergies into hot spots or for general use after surgery, pick up one of our low-priced e-collars that prevent your pet from scratching, biting or chewing at wounds.

EntirelyPets also provides a large selection of test kits for pets. These easy-to-use kits can help you test your pet for diabetes, parvovirus, coronavirus, heartworm, pregnancy, ovulation, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and more. We also have dog DNA tests that will help you find out what breed your dog is so that you can make the best possible decisions about his health, training and care. We also carry many at-home vaccines for dogs and cats, including vaccines for Bordetella, Lyme disease, FeLV and more. EntirelyPets is happy to offer discount dog products and cat supplies for a wide range of conditions.