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Food Supplements

Do you take a multivitamin every day? Why not your pet? With supplements that are specially formulated to meet individual needs, you can give your pet that one last thing they've been missing to have a complete an effective diet.

If your veterinarian thinks you are already giving your pet a fully balanced diet, then you may not have any need for a supplement. However, if it turns out that your pet is indeed missing something, or has a specific ailment that needs addressed, EntirelyPets has a wide selection of vitamins and treatments to make sure your companion's culinary quality of life is as high as it can be.

While we do carry a range of vitamin and mineral supplements, don't rush into giving your dog or cat anything without consulting your veterinarian first. Some vitamins must be taken in tandem with others or shouldn't be paired with certain diets. The same goes for any other food supplement. Giving your pet something they don't need may end up unwanted side effects.

For pets with special dietary needs, we carry probiotics, digestion supplements and anti-diarrheal solutions that cater to grumbly tummies. Or, on the flip side, laxatives and hairball treatments that help loosen up blockages and get things moving again. Whether from stress, sickness, food sensitivity or a chronic issue, your pet's gastrointestinal issues are as uncomfortable to him as they are unbearable to you.

Lysine products, antioxidants, immune and cognitive support treatments help support your pet's daily health improvement. Lysine supplements helps boost the immune system for cats that are lacking that particular amino acid, while the other support treatments may help your pet ward off common illnesses.

Do you have a pet with particular waste issues? We can probably help. EntirelyPets carries preventative stool eating products that deter your pet from eating something that was already eaten, digested and expelled once before. We also have products that control urine odor and rescue grass patches that have burned under your dog's efforts to prove that he is, indeed, all about both going and being number one.

And finally, if your pet doesn't like the way he looks in the mirror, help him take charge of his health with our weight loss supplements on one end, or high calorie and performance supplements on the other. Being fit and in shape is just as important for pooches as it is for people.